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 +Return to the [[browse_titles|Browse Titles]] page
 +===Lead Me, Lord===
 +  *Arrangement of Samuel Sebastian Wesley'​s anthem "Lead Me, Lord."
 +  *Setting: Unison children, choir, or solo, with keyboard accompaniment.
 +  *[[https://​​user/​23289961/​scores/​4877137|Score (MuseScore)]]
 +===The Lord Is My Shepherd===
 +  *Psalm 23 paired with chant tune by Hubert Parry.
 +  *Setting: Solo, choir, or congregation.
 +  *[[https://​​user/​23289961/​scores/​4876910|Score (MuseScore)]]
 +  *[[https://​​user/​23289961/​scores/​4876916|Bulletin Insert (MuseScore)]]
 +===O Come, Let Us, in Songs to God===
 +  *Verses from Psalm 95 set to the tune "Our Christ."​
 +  *Setting: Hymn format.
 +  *[[https://​​user/​23289961/​scores/​4872469|Score (MuseScore)]]
 +  *[[https://​​user/​23289961/​scores/​4872471|Bulletin Insert (MuseScore)]]
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