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CLC Worship Committee

The standing worship committee of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC) was established in 2010. The Committee is currently using these pages to distribute information and material.


The purpose of the committee shall include the following (2010 Proceedings, p. 74):

  1. Reviewing and evaluating emerging worship material
  2. Providing assistance to congregations in worship planning and establishing their own worship committees
  3. Soliciting worship material from the membership of the CLC
  4. Making available new worship material as well as educating the body concerning Lutheran worship


The Committee [shall] be composed of one pastor, one teacher or professor, and two laymen appointed by the Praesidium at each convention (2010 Proceedings, p. 74). The current members of the Committee are:

Prof. Joel Gullerud
Mr. Philip Reim
Pastor David Ude
Mr. Randy Wittorp

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