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 +===== CLC Worship Committee =====
 +The standing worship committee of the [[http://​|Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC)]] was established in 2010. The Committee is currently using these pages to distribute information and material.
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The purpose of the committee shall include the following (//2010 Proceedings//,​ p. 74):
 +  - Reviewing and evaluating emerging worship material
 +  - Providing assistance to congregations in worship planning and establishing their own worship committees
 +  - Soliciting worship material from the membership of the CLC
 +  - Making available new worship material as well as educating the body concerning Lutheran worship
 +===== Composition =====
 +The Committee [shall] be composed of one pastor, one teacher or professor, and two laymen appointed by the Praesidium at each convention (//2010 Proceedings//,​ p. 74). The current members of the Committee are:
 +Prof. Joel Gullerud\\
 +Mr. Barry Hay\\
 +Mr. Stephen Kuehne, chairman\\
 +Pr. David Schaller
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